Jeremy and Rachel Chupp

Jeremy Chupp

Rachel Chupp

I was born into the ministry and started singing at the age of four, as I traveled all over the country singing with my family, The Warren Family. I also learned multiple instruments at an early age and my love for music and ministry quickly developed as I got older. I began to pray for a Godly man who I could share my life with doing whatever Gods will may be. God answered my prayers and brought me my "Prince Charming". And then, God gave me three more precious gifts, that being our precious sons, Bryson, Brecken and Brooks. I am overwhelmed with all God has blessed me with and that He allows me to be in the ministry and travel all over the country with my husband and sons doing what I love to do. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us and this ministry He has called us to.